bigboard profile (updated 5/Oct/13)


W5200 library


So how do you make it all work in the Arduino environment?

Board profile

A new board profile needs to be installed into the Arduino environment. This profile can be downloaded from the 'files' section on the left.

Download it, unzip it, and move it to the 'hardware' folder which is in your Arduino sketch folder. If it does not exist, simply create a folder called 'hardware' in your sketch folder, then copy into it.

After this operation, inside your 'hardware' folder you should see another folder called 'arduino-bigboard'. This contains the files and setup for the new board.

Start (or re-start) the Arduino IDE and go to where you pick a board type. Now you should see 'Bigboard @ 16Mhz'


A bit of google searching turns up quite a number of solutions to enable use of the Wiz820 module (using the W5200 chip instead of the W5100).

If you are just going to use the W5200 then its simply a matter of replacing a few files in the standard Ethernet library, tucked away inside your Arduino installation.

However, if you use both, I find it a bit of a pain to have to edit the ethernet library every time I want to move between the W5100 and W5200.

I came across this library which I think is a much better way of doing things. Download it, unzip and shorten the name to Ethernet52 then copy the Ethernet52 folder into your 'libraries' folder inside your sketch folder.

When you want to use the original Arduino ethernet, at the top of your program you just use the original

#include <Ethernet.h>

To use the new library instead, use

#include <Ethernet52.h>

This makes using both ethernet types (to my mind anyway..) simpler. It also means when you upgrade your Arduino installation, your Ethernet52 library stays, you dont have to keep replacing or editing the files in the original Arduino Ethernet library each time.

One thing to remember... If you use the original #include <Ethernet.h>, you also have to include the SPI library

If you use #include <Ethernet52.h> the SPI library is NOT required as a specific #include.